Four Reasons Small Businesses Avoid Hiring a Web Firm, and Why You Shouldn’t

Taking care of every aspect of business is vital to success. Marketing research and developing the right set of marketing strategies for your small business venture is a very important part of the business plan. In short, engaging more audience and customers for your small business is of the utmost importance.

A simple, easy, and effective mode of communication to your target customers is through the company website. Web designing has drastically changed over the past few years. Typically, small businesses hesitate to spend money on hiring a professional web designer. Instead, most of them try to design their websites themselves. Three reasons why this might be:

1. Cost cutting

Entrepreneurs with small business cannot afford to invest a lot of money. Therefore, they usually refuse to hire a professional web designer for the website. Instead, they try to design the website themselves and save on investment.

While this may save you some money in the sort term, what happens if your contact form breaks and don’t get leads from your site? Where are you ranking in search engines? Are you in front of the right customers? What may seem like a cost savings up front can easily be recouped by hiring the correct firm.

2. Control of website

People like to have full control over what goes into their website. They think it is best to design a website themselves because they are the one who has full knowledge of the business.

If you hire a web firm and you don’t get control of your content, or updating your site. You hired the wrong company. There are many solutions out there today that will give you the full control to update your site from any location with just a web browser.

3. Easy != Correct

Sure there are plenty of free and inexpensive ways to get your business online. There are plenty of social media networks that you can get a business page on as well as many services that try and package a website as part of their marketing efforts. But what happens if Facebook decides to change how your site looks, or a customer finds your competitor from your Manta page? By trusting a business that doesn’t have the same goals as you do, you end up giving up control, search engine placement, and potential mobile access that could end up turning off customers quicker than not having anything online.

4. My nephew does websites

While your nephew, or cousin or whomever, might be a nice person. It takes a many years to become well skilled in the technical aspects of correctly implementing a website. If they have the technical chops to get it done, most likely they won’t be asking all of the right questions. They need to know your business objectives, goals, and how to measure them. Malcom Gladwell in his book Outliers writes that to become truly extrodiary in any field it takes 10,000 of practice, which equates to about 10 years.

Ten thousand hours is the magic number of greatness

Would you trust your online presence to just someone that “does websites” or someone that is truly great at their craft?

I’d like to hear your story about how hiring the right web designer or firm has recouped your initial investment. Or the other side of the coin, those that didn’t and regretted it. Connect with us at @codelation or me directly at @joshuachristy.